Doctor Desk

Dear Friends
India holds the second largest population of Diabetes patient in world, next to china. The burden of Diabetes is increasing very rapidly. Hence there is need of utmost care in preventing and treating Diabetes . Hence I started Madras Diabetes Clinic for multifactorial care of north east Diabetes patients in Guwahati.

• Patients can take prior appointment over phone or come directly to the chamber for consultations.
• Patients who want to do test, should come in fasting i.e Empty stomach by 8.30 AM.
• Patients who want to do consultant only should come after 11 AM after fixing appointment only.
• The Breakfast and Tea is complementary for the patients.
• Report get ready in betweeen 1pm & 2pm.
• The Doctors emamines the patient, after the report get ready and presciptions given as per the patients needs.
• Patient can take medicine from house pharmacy and can go home.
• All test are done in centre only.
Time 8.30-4.30 pm (Tuesday Closed)