Time 8.30 to 4.30 pm
(Sunday open Tuesday Closed)
Madras Diabetes runs with the vision of Dr. Sanjay Kishore i.e "CARING PATIENTS GIVING JOY" . Dr. Sanjay takes care of every diabetic patient with the help of fully trained staff in the field of Diabetes .

• Diabetes Education and Diet counseling is the integral part in the management of Diabetes. Mrs. Sweaty Kishor the chief Dietician and   Joint Managing Director of Madras Diabetes Clinic educates all diabetic patients about diet, Exercise, Do’s and Don’t etc. She is   supported by her trained support staff.
• Laboratory facilities:- All the test done by fully trained Lab technician under the able guidance of Dr Lipika Barua MD (Biochemistry). All   test done in machines of international repute HBAIC Test done by DIO BIORAD etc. With the help of biochemical test, patient liver   function, kidney function, thyroid status is also determined. This helps in giving multifactorial management of diabetes patient like- Blood   Sugar, Blood pressure, Cholestorol, Thyroid etc.
• Clinic has the facility of ECG, DOPPLER and Biothesiometer facility to asses the nerve function and vascular status of patients.
• Eye Examination is an integral part of diabetes care to rule out diabetes retinopathy, which is taken care of in Madras Diabetes Clinic.
• Clinic has inhouse pharmacy for patients.